Posted by: Arkay | February 24, 2008

My Favorite Duck

Besides Ernie’s Rubber Duckie, this is my favorite duck. Her name is I-Lean (for obvious reasons) and this is her fourth year at the ponds by New Westminster City Hall. Sorry the pic is only a thumbnail, the full size one won’t fit width wise (I am working on resizing it).


She has gained so much strength and confidence she flies right up to me to get her wheat allotment each day. She used to be picked on by all the other ducks, and with only the one foot, she couldn’t swim or bottom feed as well as the others. In fact, at first she never even came out of the water, but she would always stick her head way up and try and catch the wheat I threw to her out of the air.

It has been a real blessing to see her each day and to know I had a hand in her survival. I may post more duckie picture later, along with a few good ones of the squirrel who now takes peanuts from my hand.



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