Posted by: Arkay | March 4, 2008

Entertainment?: Check.

Bee wear the Eyedz of March! (Or Roman around with friends)


As of last night, thanks to a talented friend, I now have my PC back and working (I never should have waited this long to get help!). Though I am not connected to the Internet at home, I can now jot down my thoughts anytime (day, or as usual, night) in a format easily transferred to other mediums (Not to mention the mind distracting games I have installed). When I was recently in Victoria (for my annual ‘February Christmas Visit’ – long story, oft repeated) I also picked up a very nice audio shelf system cheap. The next day my mom let me use some of her credit again at the used bookstore near her home: Yea! I do not have cable at home, so books have once again become my primary escape (and I am so much the better for that). And I recently ventured to the yellow and blue Future Shop store (see HERE) to have them replace my DVD player yet again. For those of you who love Inigo Montoya, and have a dark sense of humour, can understand my joy at finally being able to watch ‘Dead Like Me’ season2. I am now set entertainment wise for the next month.


As for the good the bad and the ugly: little of the former yet (except what’s stated above), lots of the middle still and as for the latter, let’s just say I’m still avoiding mirrors 😛




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