Posted by: Arkay | March 5, 2008


In my opinion if even ONE child dies as a result of this practice it is one too many.

In the past couple of years I have become a pretty avid reader of the Epoch Times newspaper. It still reports world news from the human perspective, rather than from a how can I make money/protect my own interests’ point of view. The articles presented are also more complete and include information that never sees the light of day in most national newspapers. It is worth reading if only for the Health articles each week.


I am usually enlightened each issue, as well as shocked by some of what goes unreported in the ‘mainstream’ news. And then there is the odd article that should be screamed from the front page of every newspaper. Such is the following:


Deadly ‘choking game’ catching on among young teens”


You can read the article in its entirety HERE. I will give a few highlights though (the italics are mine).


A dangerous new trend that is becoming
increasingly popular among young
teens is proving to have deadly consequences.
The choking game, which also goes
by such names as blackout, the fainting
game, and space monkey, involves children
intentionally choking themselves or
another child
to achieve a brief “high.”
A recent study by the U.S. Centres for
Disease Control found that at least 82
children aged six to19 have died in the
United States from playing the choking


Dr. Andrew McNab, a professor of pediatrics at the
University of British Columbia.
One of the few doctors studying this
phenomenon in Canada, McNab conducted
a survey in schools in Ontario
and Texas which found that 68 per cent of
children around age 12 had heard about
the choking game.

Forty five per cent knew somebody
who played it and 6.6 per cent had tried it.
Forty per cent didn’t see any risk in playing
the game.


While many kids seem to be well aware
of the game, that’s not the case for their
parents. The CDC study found that most
parents whose children died while playing
the game hadn’t heard of it previously.

CDC warned parents to look for telltale
signs such as marks on the neck, bloodshot
eyes, frequent, severe headaches, disorientation
after spending time alone and
belts or scarves tied to bedroom furniture
or left lying around.


Please pass this information on to ANYONE who has or works with children.


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