Posted by: Arkay | March 7, 2008


Being a very tactile person, with a great imagination and a seeking mind, I have always had an interest in the esoteric. An interesting combination is using chakra enlightenment, reiki healing and tantric involvement. Today I will introduce some basic Chakra information, the rest you can research on your own.



– I am listing the Chakras in ascending order, but in practice they actually number from the bottom up.

– You should always start with the first Chakra and work you way up the enlightenment levels.

– You can visualize colours or light; whichever gives you the better image. The colours and their locations listed are just one common variant.

– Chakra work is best done in a quiet, meditative place, alone or with someone you trust/love.

– Better results are achieved when your work includes multiple components: Visual/Visualizing, Tactile and Vocal/Audible.

– Feel free to use items from the table below, or find your own, to help focus your energies.

– At first you do not have to believe the affirmations you are repeating, but over time you will find they become truer and truer.


Blessed Be.



First Chakra/Root Chakra:The light here is a sensual subdued red. Feel yourself solidly grounded to Mother Earth. Repeat the affirmation, “I am calm, safe and secure. My body is a divine temple for experiencing this world.”


Second Chakra/Belly Chakra: The light here is a deep saturated orange. Repeat the affirmation, “I am strong and confident. I am comfortable in my body. My body is beautiful. I enjoy a healthy passionate sexuality.”


Third Chakra/Solar Plexus Chakra: The colour here is a bright yellow. Repeat the affirmation, “I am fully alive. I can feel everything. I love life and can create results that are important to me. I regularly experience success in the things I try.”


Fourth Chakra/Heart Chakra: The colour here is a deep, saturated green, the rich green of new life in springtime. Feel the warmth of love flowing in and out of your open heart, nourishing you as it flows in and nourishing the world as it flows out. Repeat this affirmation, “I am love. I give and receive love easily and unconditionally. Love is the reason I am in this body.”


Fifth Chakra/Throat Chakra: The colour here is blue, a pale blue as the day sky or a deep saturated blue of an ocean reflected sky. Repeat this affirmation, “I am confident in speaking my truth. The truth sets me free.”


Sixth Chakra/Third Eye Chakra: The colour here is a deep, saturated royal purple. Imagine a third eye at the center of your forehead opening. As it opens, you are able to see and understand the meaning of all things. Repeat this affirmation, “I have access to wisdom and always know the right thing to do in every situation because I understand what things mean and what they are for. I act so everyone will benefit.”


Seventh Chakra/Crown Chakra: Concentrate on the colour white, the purest, finest white imaginable, or alternatively the absolute perfect clarity of a flawless diamond. Repeat this affirmation, “I am one with the universe. I am an enlightened being. Cosmic light, energy, intelligence and wisdom flow through my body, mind and heart. I am one with my beloved.”





Gem Stone


Pigment Source (powdered)


7 Crown


Clear Quartz


Easter Lily

6 Third eye



Lapis Lazuli + Cinnabar

Purple Iris

5 Throat





4 Heart


Dark Green Jade



3 Solar Plexus





2 Belly


Orange Chalcedony


Orange Tulip

1 Root




Red Rose



I hope to post something on the Tree of Life sometime next week.



  1. Arkay,

    Please find some more detailed information here:


  2. PETER: Thank-you for the references. I look forward to viewing your blog. Thanks for visiting.

  3. Hey, Arkay – I do chakra work too! I’m a level-1 Reiki practitioner as well, but kinda out of practice.

    I use a Tibetan singing bowl sometimes when I do chakra work. I hold the bowl at the level of the chakra that I want to “tune” and play it until I get this cool, vibrating resonance. Each chakra will have a different sound, and you can feel the energy center responding to the sound vibrations.

    One thing I also try to do (and to remind people to do) is to close or protect the chakra after you’re done working with it. I usually visualize the chakra like a flower, and when I’m working with it, I’ll viualize the petals as wide open. When I’m done, I’ll visualize the petals as slightly closed.

    I find this helps me feel protected from weird energy that comes from other people in my environment.

  4. Hey Bottlecappie! Glad to see you back. Yeah, the Reiki thing works best with a good friend/partner, otherwise we all let it slip a little.

    Never thought about using a singing bowl with chakras, Great idea. And you are so right about closing them down afterwards, I really should have put that in there, Thanks.

    Oh, and keep your eye out for an upcoming post you have inspired (you’ll know it when you see it).

  5. […] interesting find A while back I wrote a piece regarding Chakras and had included some stones as part of the chart. The other day at the Library on the ‘New […]

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