Posted by: Arkay | March 7, 2008

‘Nuther Sleepless Night

Depression/Anxiety update.



For me: Sleepless nights usually = next day shot to h-e-double toothpicks.



Wednesday night saw me staring at a blank wall, focusing on ‘urban keep awake sounds’ (car alarms, sirens, drunk shouting etc.). Every time I closed my eyes to try and sleep, my brain started racing again. For me it doesn’t matter how tired I am, if my brain is working in overdrive (which is 90+% of the time), I’m not getting to sleep. I have one prescription med (anti-anxiety) I can take that usually shuts my brain down enough for me to go to sleep. Unfortunately, it could be highly addictive and I find if I take it on nights close together, it quickly begins to lose its effectiveness. (I do not do well with any sleeping meds of any kind). Fortunately, I have upped my entertainment options (see this post ) and was able to provide my mind with several distractions (4 episodes of Dead like Me), and relaxations (2 Celtic CD’s) and a project (I did prep work for my Chakra post).



As a result, though I was very tired the next day, I did get out for part of it and even had a reasonably good sleep last night. Normally I would have been so faded out I would have napped on and off for most of the day and then had a second (and third poor sleep nights). So, I guess my plan is to keep my mind entertained in situations I used to just let it work on its own. Baby steps.



  1. I’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of those cylinder shaped foam ear plugs over the years. Exercise too close to bedtime gets me every time. And if I’m having trouble sleeping, caffeine after noon is out of the question.


  2. PRESTER JOHN: Wish I could do earplugs (too many bad ear infections as a child). Yeah, caffeine is a killer that way – used to drink Jolt cola all the time growing up, then it was coke classic only before 6pm, now I’m like you, anything after noon is a risk. Oh well. Thanks for visiting.

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