Posted by: Arkay | March 11, 2008

Plans 4 this week – yeah, right.

It’s now Tuesday afternoon and all I had intended for this week has been usurped by other (quite unexpected) stuff. All of it added to my difficulties in progressing through life, but not all of it was bad.

I had ‘planned’ on doing posts on my efforts to accelerate my fitness efforts to a level beneficial to my healing (still a ways off); a post on Depression and Nutrition (sorry for the delay PJ); and a post on the Tree of Life (in relation to my world). I had ‘planned’ on minimal contact with others (standard practice to surviving each week) and not to feel frustrated as much over that which I cannot do.

So far I’ve completely failed on all counts. Still, I have had some things to smile about, so all is not a total loss. Unplanned reconnections with others long not seen have proved both pleasant and very difficult.

My headaches have receeded to an unnoticeable level on the right side, only to be replaced by an increasingly painful ear infection on the left. Just can’t seem to win with sleep right now either. Oh well.

I think I will take a small break tomorrow and then see what Thursday holds for me. Maybe I’ll have one of those posts prepared; either that or I promise to find something funny enough to put here instead.



  1. Everything in its time my friend. That ear stuff sounds nasty. Have you done the tubes in the ears and all that? My little brother went through it. He’s almost deaf in one ear. Ironically he’s a gifted musician. He can just hear all that stuff, at least with his good ear ;^/

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