Posted by: Arkay | March 13, 2008

Depression and Nutrition (Part 1)

Hi all.

Today I posted the first part of my depression and nutrition A-Z. I am going to be doing this as two ‘pages’ on my blog here. You can find them at the top of this page on the picture (beside my ‘About me’ and ‘Beliefs’ pages). I would really appreciate your comments (and suggestions for revisions, future pages) either here, or on the Nutrition pages themselves.

I hope to have page 2 up later today or tomorrow.



  1. Excellent! My experiences have been similar on somethings. You’re a much more meticulous fellow than me though. You really pay attention. That’s cool.

    I’ll be linking to them when you get the second one up. I don’t have the traffic to affect your stats much but I’ll sure pitch it.

    Thanks my friend.

  2. Hey Prestor J: That would be really kind of you, and pretty cool too! I think you’ll really like the letter ‘P’ when you get there 😉

    Yeah, I’ve pretty much been a detail guy all my life (fortunately I also see the big picture all the time as well). At one time my friends gave me the title OCAR (obsessive/compulsive/anal/retentive), though I’m not so bad that way anymore.

    Take care my friend.

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