Posted by: Arkay | March 15, 2008

My First Rant

Hiya all.

Today you get my first rant. It sort of fits considering the letter ‘Q’ in my A-Z of nutrition and depression pages. Having never taken even a single puff of a cigarette in my life, I suffer from several illnesses directly attributable to smoking/second-hand smoke. As a child both my parents smoked and winters for me in a closed house were just hell. (More on that another time)

For now I’ll just let an article in yesterday’s Province Newspaper (a Vancouver daily) speak for itself:

Smoke Hits Young Harder

″NEW YORK – Toddlers absorb six times more nicotine
from exposure to cigarette smoke than their older siblings, causing signs of blood-vessel damage in children as young as two, researchers report.

Hair samples and blood tests in 128 children aged two to 13 found younger children are more sensitive to the chemicals produced by second-hand smoke.

Previous research showed heart disease starts decades before symptoms appear, often in childhood.

The study, presented at the American Heart Association’s annual meeting on cardiovascular-disease prevention, found kids aged two to five had higher levels of inflammation and damage to the inner lining of the blood-vessel walls than those aged nine to 14 who were exposed to the same amount of smoke. It’s the first trial to examine the impact of second-hand smoke on the hearts of young children, who tend to breathe faster than older people.

“The dose of smoke is greater in toddlers than adolescents who are able to move in and out of the home,” said John Bauer, senior author of the study who works at the Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. – Bloomberg


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