Posted by: Arkay | March 18, 2008

10 Challenges for Bottlecappie :)

The following 10 challenges have been inspired by a comment by Bottlecappie (her super hero identity) on loving a challenge (and meeting one already).

First, three Verbal challenges:

1) There is only one past tense word in english that ends in these two letters. In fact, it is the ONLY word in english to end in these two letters. The letters are what the pessimist says the glass is half. What are the two letters, and what is the word?

2) Say out loud the COLOUR of each of the following words:






3) Say the word MILK out loud, 5 times quickly…

Now, what do cows drink?

Next, three physical challenges:

1) Sitting in a chair, raise your right leg and with your right foot, draw clockwise circles. Keeping your right foot circling clockwise, raise your right arm and with your index finger, trace the number 6 in the air. Now check out your right foot.

2) Place a piece of string in a straight line on the floor (a padded carpet floor is a good idea). Crouch down with your toes just on one side of the line, grab ahold of your toes with your hands/fingers, and then jump over the string WITHOUT letting go of your toes. This is probably best done with lots of space around you, and a few friends watching (especially if they need a laugh).

3) Apparently it is impossible to lick one’s own elbows. I figure you should give it a try. Btw, if you ARE able to do this, I will need your address, phone # and availability πŸ˜‰

And now three Visual challenges:

1) Answer the following:


2) Find me a cuter bunny than this one:


3) How many mammals do you see in the following picture?


Answer: Well, counting the nine dolphins…

And last, but certainly not least, The Final Challenge:

(in a screechy British accent) What… is your Quest?

Hope you had fun. And I wish you all the best in overcoming your own challenges.



  1. You’ve put a smile on my face today, thank you!

  2. misterbooks:You’re very welcome.

    Btw…What is YOUR quest?

  3. Too “wake up” and have the world “wake up” and to radiate love and peace from my soul to others.
    Funny—coming from an escapism addict.

  4. Arkay, you are so awesome! Thank you for the challenges.

    The word for #1 is dreamt.

    The physical challenges were fun. I still don’t understand the triangle, but I think it has something to do with the angles being different, giving a different area.

    And ZOMG – teh bunneh! he slays me!

    I looked at many pictures of cute bunnehs and kittehs, but I could find none cuter. But I sure did od on cuteness trying!

    Thank you for all the fun.

  5. Hey , bottlecappie! Glad you got here again. I’m really glad you enjoyed ur fun. Yeah, dreamt is the word (I was going to leave off the pessimist hint, but I knew you still had to face the “killer cute’ rabbit πŸ™‚ ). Sorry you had to OD and fail that ONE challenge. There is actually a website called if you ever feel the need to go big time and take yourself out all at once. I’ll be back to visit you soon. Take care.

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