Posted by: Arkay | March 19, 2008

Eating and Bedtime

Despite the recent outward distractions posted on this blog (I love doing things for others), and getting nearly 6(!) consecutive hours of sleep last night (the most in a couple of weeks), I am still broken inside. Those six hours were torn up by frantic, violent and bloody nightmares (mostly involving several very bad persons and a very supportive tiger companion). I guess it serves me right for making and eating a BLT caesar salad just before going to bed. (Note: I dream in full colour, full audio, sometimes with control – but that’s for another post.)

Which brings me to a topic I missed in my Nutrition pages: Eating and Bedtime. This probably applies to ‘normal’ people too, but if you suffer from anxiety and/or depression (yea, 2 for 2!) DO NOT EAT close to your bedtime (or the time you are going to try and go to sleep). If you must eat, find something that your body will do the best with, as I guarantee you will have dreams, if not nightmares most of your sleep.

Silly enough, I have the best dreams on a PBJ on white (not Wonder) bread. I’ve actually been doing really well in not eating right before bed for a couple of months now. Looks like I can’t relax my vigil one bit it seems. I hope this helps someone out there. Take care.


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