Posted by: Arkay | March 29, 2008

Food for Thought

Something that has been roaming around my brain for quite some time has now gelled having read the following words:



Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose, say the French. The more things change the more they stay the same. Or perhaps history repeats its follies ad nauseam because man is a creature of helter-skelter appetites and keeps returning to the troughs of poison that make him ill. Or perhaps the sins of the generational parent are borne by the offspring because the kids are too stupid to learn from their parent’s glaring mistakes. Who knows? All that’s been truly documented from time immemorial is that man continues to kill without needing the meat of his quarry; he lies in order to avoid accountability or, conversely, to seize the reins of accountability to such an extent that the social contract between the government and the governed is his alone to write; he endlessly seeks to enrich himself at the expense of the public weal and, while he’s at it, tries all too frequently to turn his personal morality or religion into everyone else’s legality or religiosity, no quarter given to the unbelievers of pariahdom. Good heaven, we could go on and on.” – Robert Ludlum (in his introduction to the re-release of his novel Trevayne, nearly twenty years ago).



Any resemblance of this to the current U.S. administration is deliberate and direct. Though I could go on ‘ad nauseam’ about the reins of accountability portion, I wish to pay particular attention to “man continues to kill without needing the meat of his quarry.” In the case of the War on Iraq, the United States has spent over HALF A TRILLION DOLLARS, wasted over FOUR THOUSAND AMERICAN LIVES, killed TENS OF THOUSANDS OF INNOCENTS (including many allied armed forces members) all to avenge a slight to one’s daddy, increase one’s extensive net worth, ensure one’s own future and to line the pockets of all one’s already wealthy cronies. Imagine if the U.S. had approached the U.N. with the offer of that same five hundred billion dollars to build infrastructure in Iraq (or much of the Middle East for that matter) intending to simply provide electricity, clean water, sanitation and education.



What then? No money for unjustified defense spending (especially no increases), no money to be siphoned off by ‘re-construction’ companies (as nothing would have been destroyed in the first place), no allied (including U.S) military casualties, no ‘foreign’ caused civilian casualties, and world support for such building efforts towards the foundations of democracy. Wow. Currently over 8 million Iraqi citizens (half the population) have no access to basic education, clean water, electricity or sanitation. What exactly has been re-constructed (and for how many BILLIONS of dollars)?



If greater instability and the price of a barrel of oil well over $100 was the goal then let them claim an unheralded success! (Not bad for an administration in place, supported by and run by defense conglomerates and oil interests.) Democracy (regime change?) be dammed, we got what we want; the rest of you can go fuck yourselves. Check the stats and you will find the United States has only qualified for the status of a SECOND WORLD nation for decades now. Exactly one president in recent memory has looked to fix the problems ‘at home’ first, BEFORE trying to impose the ‘will of the states’ on the rest of the world. He enjoyed the best performing economy in decades, had true worldwide coalition support for foreign efforts, and was an anathema to the bullies in the prior and subsequent administrations. Those who continue to “kill without needing the meat of their quarry.”


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