Posted by: Arkay | April 2, 2008

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Time for an update on my life.






On Monday and Tuesday I got out and walked briskly for at least 25 minutes each day (and am planning on the same today). I did 5 chores on Monday and 4 on Tuesday, which is three times as many as I would have usually done. Note: I have switched the terms task and chore (for example: cleaning the bathroom is a ‘task’ made up of the four ‘chores’ – toilet, tub, floor, sink&mirror); that way if I only get half the bathroom done, I still have accomplished two chores. I have avoided two ‘bad’ snacking sessions, one by eating celery sticks, and the other by going to bed earlier. My ear infection seems to be gone and I have decided to try and get much better in April than I have in the past few months.



The BAD:



Though my ear is ‘better’, I still have some hearing loss right now (a bit worried). My left shoulder (and upper arm) has been giving me shots of pain that actually make me swear out loud. I think it is coming from my neck, but I really have no idea, as it seems so random and unconnected to anything right now. The only real sleep I am getting is between 7 and 11 am. I have no real job prospects right now, and have yet to hear back from Employment Insurance on my claim. Though I have started reducing my food intake and increasing my exercise, I actually seemed to have gained two pounds.






I thought I’d make a quick list (in point form) of all the things I have to do to not only catch up but also actually move a bit ahead in my life. As I started on the third page…




  1. Last year when I started my walking regimen I noticed that sometimes I didn’t lose much or even gained until I really got serious about the diet program. Part of it is probably due to you putting on some muscle in place of fat. The whole muscle being heavier than fat thing. Walking builds muscles for sure.

    Glad you’re making a little progress. Little steps. You didn’t get into this condition over night. I like your task/chores thing. Henry Ford said something to the affect of “no job is too difficult if you break it up into several smaller jobs”, or something like that.

  2. Arkay – you should get The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook. You can get it super cheap used on Amazon and it’s so worth it. There’s a preview of it on google books too. The book helps you figure out where your pains come from, and how to get rid of the trigger points by yourself.

    I’ve been doing work on my neck and back using tennis balls, and it’s truly amazing how well it works.

    Also, way to go on getting stuff done. That feels good, huh?

  3. Hey, Thank-you both.

    Prester John, I completely forgot about the muscle/fat argument. And yeah, making ‘tasks’ chores, you feel like you’re accomplishing more and therefore end up accomplishing more. If I want to take a ‘realist’ look back, I’ve probably been at this (the A&D) for the better part of 25 years. (Boy, there’s a truth I haven’t faced until now, ugh.)

    Bottlecappie I always appreciate ‘home’ options for learning about/fixing things for oneself, especially stuff that HAS worked for others. I will check it out this weekend. The good feelings on stuff getting done will come when I can see the results maintained, but I do know what you mean. Hope you’re feeling better.

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