Posted by: Arkay | April 9, 2008

While on an art theme

In regards to my fantasy artist posts (und links) I have inadvertently left out two very influential and very favorite artists; mostly because I have been a fan of their work for so long, I just assume everyone knows them. With their relatively recent work as the two visual consultants on the Lord of the Rings movies, that may be true now. My personal liking is for their landscape work, though much of their character work has influenced my visuals while reading for the greater part of my life.

So, without the proverbial further ado, I give you:

John Howe: official web site

And Alan Lee: fan art site



  1. I looooovvvveeeee Alan Lee’s work. It’s so fantastic and real, shrouded in fantasy. Always a big picture, landscapes abound, with wee people trying to make their way.
    Ah, good stuff…..

  2. Hey misterbooks! I have (2 copies – 1 for loaning out) of “CASTLES” by Alan Lee. I think it has some of my very favorite pieces in it. You can probably find a used copy cheap in a local or online bookstore. (A google image search will show you what the cover looks like.) His use of mist and shroud and fade lets one’s imagination soar.

  3. I love John Howe’s open door to my own fantasy. Thank you for taking the time to post these images.

  4. Yeah, his Hobbit stuff is some of my favorite. I have a friend who actually went to New Zealand to visit many of the film locations for the Lord of the Rings movies. As both Alan Lee and John Howe were visual consultants, many of the sites resemble their paintings. I have an amazing picture looking out the door of Bag End with my friend standing just outside; the countryside beyond is unbelievable.

  5. That would be an outstanding expereince. I think I will put that on my fantasy list. 🙂
    PS…how do I subscribe to your RSS feed. I don’t see it anywhere?

  6. […] As many of my viewers arrive here looking for fantasy art/artists, I am adding a few more to those I’ve already featured here: Favourite Fantasy Artists here: Missed one and here: While on an art theme. […]

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