Posted by: Arkay | April 10, 2008

‘Honouring’ misterbooks ;)

Really wish I’d though of this one when I was younger and losing to my brother all the time.



  1. Hey misterbooks: Smiling yet?

    If you are a fan of ‘stickmen’, very witty humour with lots of inside jokes, and ever played D&D, check out my link under humour to the Order of the Stick – I actually laugh out loud sometimes at the brillance presented there. “I GOT A 4!” has to be one of my very favorites (you’ll understand when you get that far)

    And visiting there may even save you a few bucks on books for a week or two! 😉 Take care, hope you’re doing better.

  2. Your pyschic, cause I’m smiling. D&D, I’m waiting for 4th ed to come out….
    Peace, and thank you again.

  3. Oh, you SO have to go over and start in on ‘The Order of the Stick’! 😀 It’s one of the most healing reads for me on the web (sometimes, Laughter really IS the best medicine).

    Thank you as well for the follow-up on ‘Follow-up’ regarding Serena Ryder (my response is there).

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