Posted by: Arkay | April 22, 2008

And we do nothing

Once again Might is about to trample and triumph over Right.

The two most evil and vicious single rule dictatorships (to distinguish them from state run dictatorships – CCP anyone?) of the past decade or so hasn’t been in Afghanistan under Osama Bin Laden (a US military trained and supplied ‘patriot’ when fighting against the Communist Russians) and his ‘terrorist cell group’ Al-Qaeda (an entirely CIA configured, trained and arms supplied entity); nor was it Saddam Hussein (another US militarily supported and supplied – including the technology for so called WMD’s – ‘partner of the west’ when fighting the Ayatollah in Iran) but the still frighteningly real world destruction threat of Kim Jong-il in North Korea and the horrific rule of Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe.

One of these has, most surprisingly, recently come close to being done for without interference (read invasion) from the western world. Having run his economy to near non-existence, Robert Mugabe has, according to all credible reports has lost his most recently attempted rigged election (on March 29th of this year). Having ‘legitimately’ lost the power of government rule, I could not see the reasons for the delay in releasing the results of the election if he was intending to keep his dictatorship by means of force. I now have my answer. Buried deep in the back pages of the newspaper on Sunday was a little article that revealed the following:

“A Chinese ship carrying arms to Zimbabwe that was turned away from South Africa is heading to Angola in hopes of docking there, the transport minister of Mozambique said yesterday.” (the ship is named the An Yue Jiang)

(It seems to hold power, Mister Mugabe is currently a little short on weaponry)

The following statements were also revealed:

“Zimbabwe’s deputy information minister, Bright Matonga, said on Friday that no party had the right to stop the shipment. “Every country has got a right to acquire arms. There is nothing wrong with that. If they are for Zimbabwe, they will definitely come to Zimbabwe,” he told South Africa’s SAFM radio.”

(Query: Does this right of acquisition have any limitations?)


“In a statement, China said, “China and Zimbabwe maintain normal trade relations. What we want to stress is China has always had a prudent and responsible attitude towards arms sales, and one of the most important principles is not to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries.”

(Hmmm…Darfur anyone? How about not interfering by NOT supplying arms for the use of dictatorships in suppressing internal drives for peace, democracy etc. Oh, right, this is the Chinese Communist Party speaking. (Note: I make a very distinct separation between the current governing party in China, the country itself, and by far the majority of its peoples – I really dislike when the words of an oppressive regime are used to represent the will of the country and its peoples, i.e. “China said…”)

I am really curious as to where the democratic bastions of the western world (US, Britain, Europe, the UN) stand on this? Why aren’t we ‘up in arms’ (pun intended) over this sick waste of a human being (Mugabe) who currently, through a democratic process, has for all intents lost his right to rule, yet continues to try and remain in power and is attempting to acquire the force of arms to do so? If this regime change determined BY ITS OWN PEOPLES is not supported all out by all the rest of the democratic world, we will have lost ALL CREDIBILITY when trying to FORCE similar changes elsewhere.



  1. Nobody gives a fuck Arkay. Not really. Pain and injustice are everywhere and if most of us have cheeseburgers and pot, we don’t care what happens to our brothers and sisters.

  2. Look on the bright side: at least SOME of these people don’t have nuclear weapons.

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