Posted by: Arkay | April 22, 2008

Au revoir

Well, looking back at my previous two posts, nothing seems to change. I think that’s pretty much it from me then.

I’ll leave you in peace with the following:

How is the face of God?
Is that God weeping, over there
on the bench in the park,
all alone,
his back bent, his head down?
Why does he weep?
Is it because life is tearing
along its seems and across its grain?
Has he come down from his place
to look at what we do to creation?
Has he come to witness
the unraveling of his work?

P. Schonstein, Figure on a Park Bench, 2002



  1. You need to rent/watch a raunchy comedy. Bad Santa always does it for me. Or maybe something offbeat. Rushmore kills me too.

  2. Do you mean goodbye – like you are quitting your blog?????


  3. Hmmm, I’m sorry sir, but I can’t allow you to stop this blog. I’ll have to put up with Uncle Greybeard and I need your wisdom. I hope you read this, I hope you get an e-mail saying you’ve got a new comment. Your among friends, and fellow poets of the heart, and we know your pain, even if you don’t see that right now. We make up the face of God with our smirks, smiles, tears, and cries. We…all of us…me, you, bottlecappie,….we are all connected somehow.
    Wish I had the answers, movie recommendation, lets see…..Top Secret? MP’s Holy Grail?

  4. arkay – we are worried about you. Please let us know you are ok, ok?

  5. You can’t go now – I’ve just found you!

    ‘The Moon Beam Song’ by Harry Nilsson has just come on the iPod – seems relevant somehow.

    keep well – Robin

  6. Don’t go there, “Arkay”… you have something rare and unique to share, as some of us have always known. There’s not enough of it around. No matter how much surviving sucks, the alternative is such a waste…!


  7. I’m coming back to check whenever i can, and I hope, one day, to see the great gift, of a new blog, and words from my friend again.
    Peace and hope,

  8. Just checking back – come home arkay, we miss you.

  9. I’m off for some down time from work, so be ready to see this comment section get longer, and longer, and longer……
    I see Bottlecappie is checking in too, see, we care and we do miss you.

  10. […] by here, pass him some […]

  11. Checking in with hope and peace.

  12. Still checking….

  13. ize bak. New post today (my b-day). Thx for all ur concern an suggests 4 help. If ur ever as low, don’t watch movie ‘Falling Down’, do watch ‘Sling Blade’. And let ur friends know: they can be a true ‘life’line.

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