Posted by: Arkay | April 30, 2008

Still here.

Tho not doing well at all. (- anyone submitting that for understatement of the year will be stricken from the list). Stepping away from the bottom minutely.

So very tired; completely exhausted; utterly drained; absolutely no reserves to speak of. Anything I try is like pouring a cup of water on the Sahara.

Sorry for those who stood by not knowing. It is because you cared, and took the time to say so, that i made the effort –

It will take me some time to catch up with all your e-mails (mostly unread) so I ask for your patience with that, and the fact I may be slow in responding at the best of times right now. Be assured, if/as things darken, I WILL let you know. I will also ask you not to overwhelm me with your words, as I only seem to be able to digest little bits at a time right now.

Seeking solace and laughter…



  1. Simply pleased to hear from you, get rest and keep in touch, when able.

  2. There was a man named Arkay
    We thought he went away
    But then he did post
    And wasn’t a ghost
    That was the best news of the day

  3. BTW, you don’t need to answer any of my emails. I’ll give you space. Just let know when you feel like some contact.

  4. Don’t worry about answering (or even reading!) all of my emails either.

    Just so glad to know you’re still around.

  5. I hope you start to feel better soon.

  6. I’m not positive this post is completely accurate so I’ll refrain from commenting on it….

    I will say, thank you for visiting…I’ve only just figured out who you were.

    I do hope things look up for you in the future….

  7. First: whats with this crap of “possibly related posts (automatically generated)” ?!? What if the content of these UNCHOSEN BY ME links are offensive, express that which is contrary to my beliefs, etc. I’m new to wordpress and would appreciate knowing HOW THE HELL I CAN REMOVE THIS OFFENSIVE INTRUSION!!! Any suggestions? Is there a groundswell petition somewhere I can sign? Sigh.

  8. To each and all: thank you for your comments.

    misterbooks my man of persistence, I hope to find a little of this peace you speak of so well. My deep gratitude for your kindness, always.

    Hey Greybeard/Prester/CrackedHead/etc. ! I bet you do some killer dirty limericks too 😉 Too close to me in understanding sometimes, but appreciated greatly all the same.

    bottlecappie: I WILL read all your emails and respond. Anyone willing to go to that effort you did is worth a read and a write. Thank-you for caring so much.

    To my very special Angel Friend: far to much to go into here, but I agree.

    Taj: I’m glad you came to visit. If you wish to express disagreement with anything I write, and don’t want to ‘air it in public’, I would certainly welcome an e-mail. I’m really glad you’re back posting as well. You have a great many admirers of your words/humour (and some of your images).

    Take care all. (I’m trying to)

  9. Glad to see you’re back, Arkay. 🙂 Take it one step at a time.

    Warm regards,
    Michelle aka The Beartwinsmom

    P.S. In the “design” option in the WordPress dashboard, you can choose to turn off that automatically generated posts thingy.

  10. Michelle – Thanks for the tip.

    Arkay – Welcome back.

  11. Tho the truth (especially with no names mentioned) is never defamatory, if someone ever finds what I write causes them difficulty, I will edit it; and also remove some very clueless and/or offensive comments as well. That ok with you Angel?

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