Posted by: Arkay | May 1, 2008

Art Thursday

Rick Mobbs, a fine artist and wordsmith (discovered through my friend Prester), kindly opened up a blog to allow others to comment/create/convey in regards to art pieces he posts each and every Thursday. You can find this at mine enemy grows older. He has all the info you need to participate on his site here.

This weeks offering: (for a better quality image, please go see the original post here)

And my response:

As the pages of the book turn, images alight in the mind. Depth, colours, layers; images to be observed, consumed, digested, and regurgitated. Spirit inspired, life infused, all becomes valid upon expression. Ages, cultures blend, giving rise to flights of imagery never before defined. Pleased I am just to observe this time.



  1. You dick.
    You made me feel all good inside and shit reading your words.

  2. You catch on quick.

  3. Wow! Your poem produced colours in my mind that mixed with hope and stillness. Good job capturing that image.

  4. that was really very nice.. you know i had overlooked the fact that the painting does look as if it is done on a book until i read this… i really enjoyed this and hope to see you over at ricks again…..

  5. *sniff*, Angry, that’s probably the nicest thing anyone has said to me in a very long time. Sorry. Should I repost the bubblewrap instead?

    Thx Greybeard, nice to know I hit the mark. Sometimes this stuff just comes to me and I think it’s good, but I never know what others think. Now I do.

    Misterbooks: What can I say? Once again you take something of mine and make it even more. Mucho appreciato.

    Hi Paisley. Thank-you for your kind words. With inspiring art we all see something different, and lots the same, by sharing we can all see more than with our own eyes. One of the good things about being human. I too hope to be back over.

  6. I am enjoying your site. Glad you could do something with this image. They sit so quietly until you give them words and a voice. This painting began as two (on a long piece of canvas stapled to the wall) that then grew together and became one. I discovered the storybook too as I went along.

  7. Great job. I too didn’t realize that the artwork looked like pages out of a book. Sometimes it takes another set of eyes right?

  8. […] arkay, of the pessimistic idealist, wrote art thursday […]

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