Posted by: Arkay | May 5, 2008

Logo design can be hard…

The following link is courtesy of my brother. Looking at the latest offering from the HBC in relation to the Canadian Bejing Olympic outerwear design, I begin to understand how the following could happen:


It’s fun to follow the comment thread as well.



  1. Again, you provide me with laughter. Oh, that was good. At first I was like yea, so. The I saw the rotated picture. heheheheheeeee

  2. yeah, like the little boy in all of us laughs when “He said duty…”

  3. Ha ha. Looks like most of the world never really ages beyond 12 or so, huh?

  4. Well, us boys certainly. I think you ladies only dip in the pool occasionally.

  5. hehehe…..pool sounds like poo……hehe. Lord I’m being silly tonight, forgive me, but hey I gotta have fun when it’s there.

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