Posted by: Arkay | May 8, 2008

Laptop is really sick. I’m crumbling



  1. computers can be replaced. arkays not so much.

  2. Crumbling, that is a very descriptive term. Scary though, unless your a cookie.
    Wishing you peace inside and out.

  3. Laptop’s my dutch bunny. I didn’t think I could get anymore tired, but with having to workmself up every few hours to go an see if she’s still with us, give her her meds droppers of water and try and get her to eat somthin, i don know if i’m awake or asleep most times

  4. I’m so sorry your pet is sick.

    My favorite dog, a big old fat basset hound, is 10 and starting to really have trouble getting around. When she goes, especially if I have to have her put to sleep, I’ll either shot myself or be in a straight jacket within hours.

    Your luck’s bound to be turning around man. Hang in there.

  5. 😦

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