Posted by: Arkay | May 12, 2008

Women rule

In my struggles to find laughter while I care for my sick bunny, I found a couple of things that at least made me smile.

Two reasons why women will always win in any good family/relationship:

A little girl asked her mother, “How did the human race appear?” The mother answered, “God made Adam and Eve and they had children and so from them all mankind was made.” A few days later the girl asked her father the same question. The father answered, “A long time ago some monkeys climbed down from the trees and from them the human race evolved.” The confused girl returned to her mother and said, “Mom, how is it possible that you said the human race was created by God and Dad said they were developed from monkeys?” The mother answered, “Well dear, it is very simple. I told you about my side of the family and your father told you about his.”

A man and his wife were having some problems at home and had descended to giving each other the silent treatment. That evening the man realized that he would need his wife to make sure he was awake at 5:00 AM for an early morning business flight. Of course, not wanting to be the first to break the silence, he wrote on a piece of paper, “Please wake me at 5:00 AM.” He left it where he knew she would find it and went to bed. The next morning the man woke up to find it was 9:00 AM and he had clearly missed his flight. Furious, he was about to go and see why his wife hadn’t wakened him, when he noticed a piece of paper by the bed. The paper said, “It is 5:00 AM. Wake up.”

Clearly we should just let them rule.



  1. Most of the money; all of the pussy.

  2. Ya, that too.

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