Posted by: Arkay | May 13, 2008

Jayme reads

My Art Thursday response to Mr. Mobbs post last week.

This one was especially difficult as I am currently putting all my caring into my litle sick bunny, and Rick has included several very powerful positive images from my childhood: reading, nature, an old tree, dragons, clouds; that conflict has left the following pitiful effort to come out of my head:

Jayme wanders through the woods

past trees and streams, no rush.

Slowly up the gentle rise

the clearing opens up.

The leaning tree amidst the grass

provides the perfect spot,

to sit beneath the clouds and sun;

he waits to read his book.

A multitude of wonder tales

a gift from Gramma Moon,

he stretches out his barefoot toes

and opens up the tome.

The world beside shivers in wait

only words upon a page.

Creatures not yet ever born

on imaginations soared.

The dragon wonders is he the one?

Leans in with words of love

and whispers in the young boys ear

Read…us…to life.



  1. nice. and i love the last line. that is wonderful, excxeptional.

    oh, i’m not used to being called mister. rick will do just fine.

  2. excxeptional. kinda like it.

  3. Beautiful poem. The rhymes and delicate flow of words took me on a gentle ride. Very nice. You ended the poem in a great way, as if the dragon does exist in some kind of reality.

  4. Fucking hell. Now I gotta call my mom and tell her how much I love her.

  5. U hit this one on the spot mon! It’s like (and this is not gay, not that their is anything wrong with that), but it’s like you were whispering into Rick’s ear when he was painting.
    I hope all is well with you my friend.

  6. […] arkay, from pessimistic idealist, wrote jayme reads […]

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