Posted by: Arkay | May 20, 2008

Fingers crossed

Well, for the past two and a half days, my sweet little bumpkins (see picture) hasn’t fallen over once. Her appetite for fresh food is returning and she’s drunk some water on her own. I think we may be over the worst of it and she will pull through. (I sure hope so.)

Laptop, picture taken today:

On another topic, with Laptop seemingly doing so much better, I went to visit some people I hadn’t seen in months. I had a relaxing time, snacking, gaming, joking and just hanging out. It was a very nice day. I will be trying to arrange to go back again this coming weekend. Maybe this is the start of an upswing for me.



  1. Sounds wonderful and you deserve it so much. Gaming…what kind of gaming are we talking about? Your into fantasy, and I’m a D&D player, what about you…you roll the dice?

  2. glad she’s getting better. we have two miniature hedgehogs at home. one disappeared for two day then showed up upstairs… how does a miniature hedgehog climb stairs? it’s a mystery…

  3. misterbooks: love to roll the d20 (and have hope yet for the severely neglected d12), not much chance to do that anymore – everyones lives are just too busy I guess. Currently it’s Settlers of Catan (I’ve always been big into board games). Hey, have you checked out my Order of the Stick link under humour yet?

    Hey rick: I suggest spontaneous teleportation…
    (Got any pics?)

  4. I am so glad to hear Laptop is doing better! Just wanted to check in & let you know I care.


  5. Thanks Andrea. Thanks for visiting. Hope to see more of you here sometime.

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