Posted by: Arkay | May 26, 2008

Now THAT’S funny!

Direct to you from Icanhascheezeburger. Frikkin’ hilarious!



  1. Umm NO comment…:) teehee

  2. ok. Wait…wasn’t that a comment? 😛

  3. LOL!! Doncha love unexpected surprises?

  4. Some surprises YES!, But not so much that kind 😉

  5. Reminds me off a rather humorous dirty joke. I’ll email it to you to avoid clogging up you comments with it.

  6. ROFL… that looks like something my twin boys would do to each other.

  7. Greybeard!?! THAT was definitely NOT a for public consumption joke (I’m still laughing tho – thanks).

    Hi beartwinsmom, ya, I have an older brother, the fart jokes never get old 🙂

  8. Lols…..I came through some link or the other, and am glad I did!

  9. Thank-you damyantig, and welcome to my blog. I try to balance the depression with as much humour as i can, so take a dance through for the fun stuff anytime you want.

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