Posted by: Arkay | June 4, 2008

‘Spam’ Uncanned

Tag surfing got me shushed out of the library yesterday. Why you ask?

Well, since we’ve all been spammed you’ll understand when you read this:


I kept laughing out loud. I only wish I could write ‘witty’ so brilliantly.



  1. i get a chuckle from my spam folder on ocassion too. Let’s see, today spam dejour:
    – holiday salpicon (no clue what that is and i don’t really wanna know)
    – exclusive stuff for mans (no i LOOK like a man?)
    – medical doctors list in the usa (do i look like a gold digger?… um…. scratch that… do i ACT like a gold digger?)
    – Final week of madness (okay, that wasn’t spam, they meant for me to receive that specifically)

    then of course there are the usual penis extensions, erectile dysfunction, and blow up doll ads.

    Oh and the niece-princess of the dead ruler in wtf country who desperately needs my help because she loves me and will share her inheritance if i give her my bank account number.

  2. 🙂 I does seem that the gender recognition factor of most spam senders is totally fkucked.

    And no, not a golddigger, you are an completely equitable flirt (TG! 😉 )

    I happen to be a favorite of insurance providers (apparently there are more categories of insurance than I ever imagined)

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