Posted by: Arkay | June 10, 2008

Honouring a Goddess

Your wish was granted Rick, here’s another post-sleepless night creation. This one goes with your painting Rebirth.


Longing upturned on the bed
Alive and fully unclothed
Knowing she’s not without sin
Overwhelming all who know
The exquisite view in sight
And the wondrous glow within

Reaching down deeply inside
Exposing long suffered pain
Brimming emotional bowl
Overcomes heart locked away
Resplendent love unrestrained
Nurtures her earth living soul



  1. i can relate to the not sleeping. this image came out of some of those…

    what do we need to remember…?

    drink water, sleep, remember to eat, don’t get too hungry angry lonely tired…

    my first sponsor said, “Don’t drink, go to meetings, eat lots of ice cream and don’t play with yourself…”

    “What!” says I.

    “That’s right,” says Fred. “Find somebody to play with.”

    Well, these days they say protein instead of ice cream, and playing too easily with too many people can lead to woeful conditions. But, taken as a whole, relationships remain the place of greatest growth, greatest pain. We have to grow up sometime. So we take those risks…

  2. Great now I have to go run for my dictionary….again. Great to see you taking to poetry, and this is a really deep one here.

  3. oooooohhh i loves it! i do!
    “Brimming emotional bowl
    Overcomes heart locked away”
    you been peeking into my diary?

  4. Hey Rick. I went “WHAT?!?” too, and then lol’d at the reason. Unfortunately still looking for my ‘play-mate’ (gotta be WAY more than just about the playing for me). Thanks again for the support.

    That’s funny misterbooks, I actually USED a dictionary doing this one 🙂

    Ah Lakota, if you only knew what went into writing this one…smooch accepted.

  5. […] arkay, author of the blog pessimistic idealist, wrote in with honoring a goddess. […]

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