Posted by: Arkay | June 16, 2008

More inspired words

The following is something that had been building in me for a while, inspired by a photo the lovely Miss Lakota posted a while back. She also (greatly appreciated by me) has provided the title for the piece. As it now finally made it out of my head (and with her encouragement), I’d like to share it with you.


Trauma inflicted
Not knowing why
Rivulets of tears
Strife is forbidden
Where can she hide?

Torn by despair
Fears the uncertain
Pressures within
Self doubt is growing
Her sanctuary gone

Everything blurs
Steps are uncertain
Stark flashes of hate
Staggering alone
Nowhere seem safe

Assaulted with sound
Paths seek to hinder
Fully wrung out
Twisted and hurting
She cannot go on

One last gasp effort
A corner is turned
Emptied reserves
Stopping momentum
There she collapses

None seem to see her
Tumbled and broken
Dissolving away
Nothing to live for
Hope long forgotten


Footsteps approach
A soft word is spoken
Held steady by gaze
She’s drawn to her feet
Mayhap life’s not over

A short way to go
Assurance is given
She sees the warm light
Doors simply opened
Confidence growing

Hesitate at steps
Strong arms supporting
His motives unknown
Apprehension building
Not at all certain

Carried upstairs
No effort the climb
Float down a hallway
Then there’s a bed
She shudders not knowing

Gently she’s set
Upon soft silken sheets
Withdrawing beyond
His tenderness showing
Safe haven given

Kindness unasked
Tears come unbidden
She undresses slowly
Swirled in emotion
Sleep overtakes



  1. but you never said what your original working title was Arkay…
    i think this is my favorite stanza:
    None seem to see her
    Tumbled and broken
    Dissolving away
    Nothing to live for
    Hope long forgotten

    the rhythm of it reinforces it perfectly.

  2. Hi Lakota. That stanza, plus the first and last lines are what started this one. The entire poem could actually be reduced to those seven lines and still be true (I’ve always tended to be a bit wordy). That’s awesome of you to pick that out. You have a gift for geting to the heart of things.

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