Posted by: Arkay | June 20, 2008

An interesting find

A while back I wrote a piece regarding Chakras and had included some stones as part of the chart. The other day at the Library on the ‘New Books’ cart I found the following:

It is proving to be a VERY interesting read. It has some of the best photographs of stones used for healing/Chakra work I have ever seen. It covers the widest range of stones I have ever seen in a single volume as well. The text and application uses of each individual stone is comprehensive (although it seems to be almost 100% from personal experience/ideas – there is no bibliography to speak of). And there is one quirky sort of theme running through it by the authors (check out the short ‘Light’ essay near the back). Still, it potentially has a great deal of enlightenment to impart, even to experienced practitioners.


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