Posted by: Arkay | June 24, 2008

Another ‘dedicated’ post

Hi all! This video (I’ve had a copy for years, and remembered it yesterday) is especially dedicated to Angryballerina and Misterbooks (they’ll each know why 😉 ).



  1. Bwahahaha…..that one made me laugh outloud, which probably scares my family…..God this was great. Sad, that I identify with both ends of the conversation, but funny because it’s so real.
    Thank you again arkay,

  2. […] Arkaythecomedian […]


  4. Yeah, Books, I guess i should have pre warned you how much you might enjoy (and identify with) it…nah. I much prefer the thought of coffee coming out of your nose and your (ever so wonderful) significant other starting the committment paperwork…again 😉

    Hi angry. Can’t think of anyone who deserves it more. (Check back in a couple of days for the one I do for the ol’ man formerly known as PJ)

  5. Mwhahahahaha.

  6. hahahaha…..*falls off chair laughing*

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