Posted by: Arkay | July 2, 2008

A Special Day

To my regular Readers:

I woke up yesterday morning with a small smile on my face. It was our National holiday up here, and it was mostly quiet. The distant sound of some cars passing, a few crows making their presence known, and that was about it. I felt more relaxed than I’ve been in what seems like forever. My mind wasn’t racing, I wasn’t tense flipping over, wasn’t being jarred by urban commute or construction noise; it was nice. I was at peace. I felt blessed.

Not that I have a whole lot going on in my life right now (or have much of a life at all, for that matter), but I knew I had ‘nothing’ to do. More specifically, nothing I HAD to do. No need to overcome the drag of depression, no need to work up the anxiety to a functional state, no stress of having to try and rein it in if I got too worked up. Just nothing.

A quiet day, just feed my bunnies, let them out for a bit, read, watch a movie, or just contemplate. Yes, contemplate, not rehash, second guess, self-depreciate, worry, fret, stress or otherwise do what are ‘normal’ brain awake activities for me. So nice. I just lay there for I guess a couple of hours and didn’t think. What a quiet, peaceful rush.

And I know a huge part of it is the help, whether you know it or not, that all of you have been giving me here in the blogworld, and through personal e-mails. I have been finding little bits of myself (either lost, or thought locked away forever) that are a comfort to me. You making comments here, accepting (even welcoming) my comments there, allowing me to test my ‘skills’ at life, as it were.

So, thank-you all for your wonderful help and support. I will treasure yesterday, and try and work towards experiencing more of the peace and comfort and relax I so desperately crave each day. I hope all of you find some peace in your world today.




  1. Sounds good. If you learn how to do it on command I want to be the first to know.

  2. Your welcome, and thank you for the same. Although I didn’t get to celebrate Canada day…heck I didn’t even get a card.
    Peace and kindness and much rest to you,

  3. So glad to hear you got to have a nice peaceful day of rest and contemplation. Down here they’re preparing to blow up the world on our next holiday. But anyway, nothing is better than some nice quiet time with the fluffy ones. Glad you got to enjoy it. And I’m glad you share with us so that we get to enjoy your company. And we do. 🙂

  4. Ah, you are blessed Rob, honey. If you just stop and look at all you do have. Talent, intelligence, wonderful humor, creativity, a giving nature… yeah, yeah – i’ll stop now, you can put the muzzle away. ~grin~

  5. Thanks all. That is some of what I am talking about.

    Greybeard absolutely you’d be the first to know. You were the one who first ‘held my hand’ as it were. I owe you BIG time for that.

    Ah misterbooks, didn’t even think to send you one. My bad. It was so nice to finally have a taste of the Peace you universally wish upon me. Very kind.

    Yes TR, the rest and quiet were nice (I actually get that a couple of times a month around here). The real blessing was the natural (unforced) shutting down of my brain, though, instead of the frantic overdrive that is my norm.

    Shhhhh! Bad Lakota. you’ll have people thinking I’m a nice guy (Auuugghh, the kiss of death!). And you may even start making me feel good about myself, and we can’t have that now, can we? And I’d NEVER muzzle you! (collar and leash maybe… 😉 )

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