Posted by: Arkay | July 16, 2008

Zombie ‘Tag’ response

As I cannot plan my revenge for being tagged until I actually respond to it, here goes:

The other day a sneaky e-mail tag arrived from Patientanonymous (PA for short) regarding mall zombie attacks. For the full story please go HERE.

For keeping the monsters at a distance, mace like crushing power on one end, decapitating blades on the other, great leverage, vaulting use, etc.

My Weapon:

Sort of cliche, based on the artists name, but if i was to go on a zombie killing spree, I’d want something like this at volume 11…

My Song Blasting on the Speakers:

And on my side I’d want one of the baddest dudes around, nearly immortal, immensely powerful, and committed to fighting on the side of humans…

My ‘Famous’ Partner:

Take THAT PuRpLe NIN-ja!!!!



  1. Hey there…not bad… Although…hmmm.

    Shaolin? Seems awfully close on Pan-Asian side of things.

    I know you just want to be a nin-JAH like my partner in crime and myself! Come on now…’fess up to it!

    Also, what was the song? It says it’s not available when I try and run the Tube.

  2. Hey PA or should I say PuRpLe NIN-ja 🙂

    I never dismissed the martial arts effectiveness out of hand (i IZ a closet ninh jha). It’s just that 90+% of ninja weapons/techniques are to kill living beings, and unfortunately, Zombies are already DEAD(thus eliminating the use of most edges weapons, all poisons, darts, knives etc.).

    However, since you are privy to the ‘Secret Texts’ I’d absolutely want you and your partner right there along side. Except you said I could only have ONE famous person with me, not TWO. 😛

    Oh, and I fixed the song link, (I hope), the first one is still on your tube, just doesn’t like wordpress I guess.

  3. That’s a good, kick ass song. Rob “Zombie,” too. Maybe you could have used him for his last name? Although, maybe he’s a zombie simply based upon that fact…

    Well, I didn’t make up the meme. I don’t know about Netiquette for memes or if you can alter them. That’s a really good question, actually! You probably could as a lot of times people just say…ah, you don’t have to play along if you don’t want to…

    So, sure. We probably could add more than just one person to fight alongside?

  4. Cool! Can HB an me join up with youse then?

  5. Dude, seriously, I’m terrified of zombies. Always have been and then I read The Zombie Survival Guide and now I’m officially off my rocker paranoid.

  6. It’s ok Angry, that manual is a bit of a serious read, not like I thought it was going to be. And if I were you, I would be worried because we all know what zombies desire most, and you’re blessed with a fine one.

    “brrraaaiiinnnnsssssss, brrraaaiiinnnnsssssss,…”

  7. […] Arkay- For your post on Zombies. (For the record, I kinda hate you for it, I have a major fear of zombies. But thats a post for another day) […]

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