Posted by: Arkay | July 20, 2008

Blog Milestone

Yea! 4018 ‘views’ of my blog! I know that’s nothing to all you with 50-100,000+ ‘hits’, but for me it’s something (considering I thought a few hundred would be a miracle). Even though my ‘daily’ views peaked some time ago, I can now say I’ve had TONS of visits to my blog (get it? 2000 + 2000, lol). Thank-you to all who helped me reach that milestone. It means a great deal to me in my process of healing. And a special thanks to all those on my blogroll who not only provide great insight and entertainment, but several of whom make up the bulk of my visits. Lastly, a BIG thank-you to all of you who have helped make my comment to spam ratio nearly 2 to1 (another miracle as far as I’m concerned) – means I must have done some things right at least.



  1. i’m pretty sure 2764 of those were me.

  2. Here, have another view! I think 4000 views is pretty impressive from where I’m standing at.

  3. LOL! Lakota. Probably. Can’t imagine ANYONE being that bored (or obsessed?) about another person though 😉

    Hey thanks Stranger ALWAYS nice to see new faces here.

  4. Happy to help Arkay, happy to help. 🙂 I got all giggly when I hit the 1,000 hits mark. I think 5k will be my next big milestone.

  5. Congrats on your milestone Arkay. I know what you mean about thinking only a few hundred people would ever see your blog – I’m consistently amazed that mine gets hits too!

    Thank you for sharing your journey of healing with all of us. I’ve been moved by your desire and ability to reach out and care for all of your blog buddies, even when you’ve been in a lot of pain yourself. I’m so glad to count you among my friends.

  6. Ah swear I’m not a stalker! Scouts honor. (nevermind that they kicked me out)
    smooches and congrats babe – i’m sure only 1924 of those hits were mine. And uh, i do have a life. really. 😛

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