Posted by: Arkay | July 22, 2008

Boring post

I’m finding I either have too many topics to post on, or none at all. This is one of those ‘none at all’ times. (Mainly because I’m ignoring all the things I’d want to rant about right now.)

I HAVE been doing a bit ‘o writing on the side, just some stuff that’s been popping into my head these days (unfortunately not suitable to blog). However, I have found a willing audience for it. It’s been nice to have some of my thoughts and words appreciated by another, even if it is pure fantasy in it’s own way.

Maybe this will even lead to my creativity returning and finding words to go with Rick’s artwork again. Anyways, have been enjoying visiting your blogs in the meantime, even if I don’t always leave comments.

Take care all.



  1. I can empathize. There are times when it feels like pulling teeth to come up with something to write about, or how to get a post started. Somehow I usually manage to do it though, but I’ve not been at it as long as you have. Good luck with the other writing!

  2. Thanks TR. It would be a lot easier if I had internet at home, then I could start and/or mess around with editing posts whenever I felt like it until I felt they were worth posting.

    Unfortunately, a couple of hours a day (one at each of two different libraries) just isn’t conducive to that. Especially with e-mails, and wanting to read all the blogs on my roll.

  3. What, you not gonna tell me how to read your stuff, what, what????? C’mon, yaknow I likes da fantasy……..sock it to me baby!

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