Posted by: Arkay | July 24, 2008

Look Awesome, Sound?

I found these the other day, sort of by accident as I wasn’t looking for speakers at the time. They are made by a company called Bowers & Wilkins (also known as B&W Speakers). These are their Nautilus Speakers.

They are nearly 4 feet tall and weigh almost 200lbs each and took FIVE years to develop. And they cost about $70,000 a pair. I’m really curious if they are worth it. In today’s digital age, or with classical recordings from a perfect symphonic auditorium, I’m sure they would be just amazing.



  1. They look like weird little aliens to me!

  2. whoa. looks more like art than something functional. very cool. its priced like art too….

  3. Not all that little TR. I saw a picture of them taken at a trade show and there not for a small room by a long shot.

    Hey LP , yeah, that was my first reaction too. Cannot see the sound justifying the price, but with so many executives (telecommunications anyone?) making millions of dollars a year, I guess there’s a market out there somewhere.

  4. I’ll wait til they come to walmart….oh wait I don’t shop there…..I’ll just go buy some wire and magnets, borrow the boys legos, and hit the garage and make my own.
    My hearing isn’t 70 grand grade anyway.

  5. Hey MisterBooks! Welcome back! Let me go get my tincan and reattach the string and I’ll give you a call 😉

  6. I really don’t care how well they sound, I just want them bc they look fucking awesome.

  7. Yup! So awesome I changed my avatar to one.

  8. Wow. And I’m the dork?!

  9. Ah…so there we (I!) have it…

    Never heard of the company but with shit like that (and the irony of the name…) they’re going to give Bang & Olufsen a run for their money.

    Money indeed…

    I’ve been in love with Bang and O. forever but it looks like these guys are the ones to watch for sure. Like I’d ever be able to afford anything either of them make anyway!

    Still, one can dream…

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