Posted by: Arkay | July 27, 2008

Reader Poll

Hi all.

I’ve got two rants in me fighting to be written, and I need your help. I want to focus on one, so I can really say what I want, get it out of my system. So I want to take an informal poll of y’all to choose which one I do (first?). I don’t like to rant, but I need to lose at least one of these (they are both Personal, so near and dear to me they’re interfering with my healing right now).

Rant A: Threat to Physical health issue: Secondhand smoke

Rant B: Threat to Mental health issue: Drivers ignoring basic rules

So vote now, vote often and I’ll tally up on Wednesday sometime.



  1. My choice for INFINITY amount of votes is Rant A. That is a HUGE issue for me since I am asthmatic and incredibly allergic to smoke.

  2. Yup bearmom that’s EXACTLY what it is for me too.

  3. This reader is going to vote for Rant B as I am a terrible driver who tries to obey the rules but probably still pisses off a lot of people. But at least I try to be a good driver! I blame my meds. Anyway, yes, Rant B please.

  4. I’m going for A because Cherokee is an asthmatic and she’s my baby.
    Of course, B is a good choice too, but lets get A out of the way.

  5. I instinctively say B, but A is much more important in my book (even though I smoke like there is no tomorrow)
    But, could you do both in the same post?????

  6. Also, my vag votes to go with B.

  7. Ok, time to tally up. Let’s see… boy this looks like a close one, low voter turnout making each individual vote that much more important…


    Infinity plus one carry the five, factor in not wanting to piss off angry’s vag…

    Looks like we have a winner!

    By the EXTREMELY close vote of INFINITY + 1 to 3 1/2 (yes, Books is so good he get’s an extra half vote) the winner is:
    The Anti-smoking rant.

    Now Angry, before your anatomy gets all worked up demanding recounts and looks at hanging Chads and all that, this just means I can put more effort into Rant B, being there will be no time pressure to write it.

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