Posted by: Arkay | July 30, 2008

While you wait…

Ok, the votes have been tallied, so now while you wait for me to actually generate the ‘winning’ rant (over the next couple of days), I leave you with what is one of my favourite flash animations that I first saw on eBaum’s world. (It is very close to my heart – and, unfortunately, RL *sigh* – but still brilliantly done).

(It’s worth watching it right to the end…)



  1. LMAO!!!!!!!
    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    oooohhhhh – tooooo early in the morning to laugh that hard! i think i pulled something. 😛

  2. I like the bunny in the mask…..

  3. Yeah Lakota, I love it too.

    Oh-kay AB

    *tiptoes away quietly, making no sudden movements*

  4. That is freakin’ hilarious! I love the bunnies! And the song is great, too.

  5. Ya TR, I thinks it is very wells done. Well thought out, well composed, well ‘drawn’ and the song is quite catchy too. Like I said, one of the best flash animations I’ve seen.

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