Posted by: Arkay | August 6, 2008

zero justification

Today marks the 63rd anniversary of one of the two singular most horrific acts perpetrated by human beings on each other in the entire history of the world. Today in 1945 after SEVEN MONTHS of incendiary bombing of 67 Japanese cities (filled with civilians:men, women, children and babies), the majority of which were more than 50% destroyed many over two-thirds destroyed, an ‘estimated’ 500,000 deaths NON-MILITARY, an atomic bomb was detonated over the city of Hiroshima.

The city was over 90% destroyed in the blast, and hundreds of thousands of deaths resulted on the day and in the following days, weeks months and years, by far the majority of which were civillians. The suffering continues to this day.

There NEVER was and there will NEVER be justification for such an act.


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