Posted by: Arkay | August 7, 2008

These are not my words, but they seem to fit…

The first word that came was the word ‘dream’.

It came to me as I lay sleeping…

And the darkness deep inside my heart…

…was gently driven away.

The next word that came to me was ‘wind’.

…And then the path was shown to me.

I beat my wings and then I flew

…into your waiting arms.

And as if counting out the sad things in my life…

…as they all fell away…

…the golden apples fall…

falling one by one.

A place that I have never seen

…is where I have returned to.

A place I have finally regained…

…the only life that I have.

An old book of magic spells.

The curtain of the silent moonlit night holds

… the promise of our being together

… someday, perhaps.

We can fly. We have wings.

We can touch the floating dreams.

Call me from so far…

Through the wind and the light.

The third word that came was ‘hmmm…’

If I listen closely I could hear it.

And these trembling arms of yours that I hold…

…I gently set free.



  1. It’s beautiful. If they’re not your words, whose are they?

  2. Yeah, TR sort of a reminder to be thankful for what you have been given from someone and not to hold on too tight, the “if you love something set it free…” sort of thing.

    As for the source, they are the English subtitles to a song sung during the closing credits of a Japanese Manga DVD I watched a bit ago. I could not figure out who or how to credit them. Good of you to ask though.

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