Posted by: Arkay | August 13, 2008


Why. I’ve always found the ‘why’ of things to be very important to me. Not so much in a philosophical way (though I do have those thoughts occasionally too), but more in the scientific/behavioral sense. I’ve always been a curious sort, I’ve read ton’s and ton’s for most of my life, I enjoy learning as much as what I learn, I’ve never come close to slaking my thirst for knowledge about anything. And I’m interested in just about everything.

Where my big failures occur is when it comes to figuring out why a good portion of the population of this world acts the way that they do. And more particularly, those who act on a global scale and those whom I’ve interacted with on a daily basis (mostly work related) in the past. And that brings up the ‘why’ of this post. WHY whenever I’ve had a ‘good’ day, or even a partial ‘good’ day does the next one almost always begin with a re-hash of a situation from my past that I still do not understand why it happened?

I wake up and the thoughts are there, sometimes debilitatingly so. Situations that are long over with, or are on such a scale as to be so far beyond my ken of being able to ‘fix’. I know having the answers to many of these ‘why’ questions would help me avoid similar pitfalls in the future (or at least go into them with my eyes open). But that doesn’t explain why I have those thoughts when I do. Oh well, just one more problem on the pile.



  1. “Why” is a nasty invention. It should be countered with a “whatever!”, but with us sensitive types, it usually impales itself in our psyche, and twists around for a bit. I hate going on smoothly and having somebody else fuck up your happy path. Makes ya wanna take your blog down….har, har, har….
    Fuck the past, ya can’t change it anyway. Just grasp today and make the most of it…and if some assholes bring up the past, tell ’em to kiss your stinkhole, cause baby, your happy!
    God I’m sounding like AB and Kerouac’s love child.
    Peace and Love my friend.

  2. Reliving the past does us no real good; it almost always leads to heartache. Try to keep things in the here and now, focus on today and tomorrow – leave the past where it belongs, in the past. I know – easier said than done. πŸ™‚

  3. Hey Wulfgar, welcome to my humble blog, would that you had one of your own for me to visit πŸ˜‰
    Very well said on the impaling and twisting around. Unfortunately, I’M usually the ‘asshole’ who keeps bringing up the past. And my curent felxiblity (or lack thereof) has me unable to plant my own lips on my puckered exit.
    LOL (‘love child’), i’d pay good money to see the video of THAT coupling!!! (As long as AB get to use her leather acoutrements πŸ˜›

    Hi TR, ‘easier said than done’ ?!?, try impossible most times. Ah well, I will try and do as you say, tho I have no idea how…

  4. I started going through my “why” phase when I was little, and I never grew out of it. I think thats why I drink so much sometimes.

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