Posted by: Arkay | August 21, 2008

Something I used to do

Is now something I’m doing again. I just got back from donating blood today. In Canada this is a volunteer thing (not for $$ like in some countries). Just about everyone involved on the blood services side (except for the RN’s) is also a volunteer. My kind of people. I am planning on looking into the platelet donation program (takes way longer, but can be even more lifesaving than whole blood, and you can donate up to every two weeks). Now that I am off all my meds, this is possible (the whole donation thing) again. And who knows, maybe a pint from me does help to save a life one day.

Makes me feel pretty good. That, and I made a point of socializing with everyone I met or was in my general area and I didn’t feel anxious once, or make any major social faux pas. That’s quite the accomplishment. Maybe I AM on the road to recovery…



  1. What? You too good to donate sperm?

  2. Not at all… Open Wide!!! No, wait, I forgot you’re a smoker, so, even though you are willing to, and I quote, “…fuck who(m?) ever I want. With out a condom.” That chimney thing is a permanent no go with me, sorry. (Still, if you ever quit, love to ride me some o’ that anger of yours *grin*)

  3. You’ll have to take that one up wif mah boyfreeend.

  4. sorry – you lost me at sperm donation… i can’t remember anything else said. LOL! ~muwahh~

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