Posted by: Arkay | August 25, 2008

Monday = poopcrap.

Had another one of those extremely restless can’t get to sleep and when I finally do have vivid/realtime dreams involving a lot of running (away) truthful explaining to no effect then impossibly long and difficult to wake up days.

Kinda puts a whole damper on this ‘seeming to be starting to get better’ trend I have been on. I think I will dig up some really cool vegetable art someone sent me a while ago and post it for y’all tomorrow.




  1. ZOMG!!! i was just telling someone yesterday that Sunday night i had the most dreadful being chased dreams. maybe we wuz running together? don’t ‘member seeing you though. Seriously – i haven’t had a “being chased” trauma dream in years and years. freaked me out when i woke.
    ~smooches babe!~

  2. That is weird. Considering the potential time differential, maybe when they were done with you, they decided to come after me… um… lol?

  3. Dude, same here……………

  4. No way! Anyone else of you out there have some bad dream mojo shit going on in the past couple of days, especially Sunday night?

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