Posted by: Arkay | August 26, 2008


I dug these up from and archive file of “Fun Stuff” from my Hotmail account. They blew me away then, and still do now.



  1. amazing what the human mind can cook up/

  2. Love the pun AB!
    Ya, I gots me some shadow ones that the object making the shadow is just a pile of seemingly mishmashed garbage and junk, yet the shadow cast on the wall is something very recognizable, like a motorbike or two people having tea, etc. (unfortunately they are in a format that wordpress doesn’t accept… so I’m stuck not being able to show them here).

  3. Stop playing with your food this instant young man! Don’t you know there are children starving in China?!?!

    This totally made my day. Very cool.

  4. The green pepper froggies… omg

  5. did you catch my other veggie art one? Maybe i should put a link between them or something, you think?

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