Posted by: Arkay | September 3, 2008

Some things I learned

so, here’s a few of the things i learned on my bloggy break: (in no particular order)

– don’t forget that all local civic buildings (including the libraries where one ‘internets’) are closed on the Sunday and Monday following your break, so all your big plans to get back in touch with people those days don’t go for shit.

– realize that even though you KNOW that you are going to have restless ‘sleeps’ and bad dreams the whole time is not a good enough reason to see what might be the influence of, say, spicy curried chicken with sweet and sour sauce over it right before bed. (I DON’T want to talk about it)

– I am not addicted to the internet… long thunder roll… KZZZAPPPOW! Ha! Missed me!

– jokes to pregnant women on labour day are not often well received (at least I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t be, if I had actually gone outside on labour day)

– not having internet access for an extra two days is probably FAR more tolerable if one’s own PC at home has ALSO not decided to stop working (grumble, grumble, curse swear)

– rediscovering Terry Pratchett (and the fun of Diskworld) later in life can actually make one laugh out loud, even when feeling very depressed and put upon. (lol, Big Bang theory)

– I really miss Angry Ballerina’s swearing in my comments section, it always cheers me up and makes me laugh.

– that my bloggy break post was my 100th post, some milestone, eh?

– most of my current troubles all seem to revolve around ‘self’, usually a lack thereof, such as: -worth, -esteem, -image, -confidence; although several other ‘selfs’ are there in abundance i.e. -loathing, -depreciation, -criticism, etc.

– that the rest of my current problems revolve around the volatile combination of extreme loneliness and extreme horniness *sigh*

– I miss ALL my blogging friends (especially Greybeard) who no longer blog at all, or post so infrequently it makes little difference.



  1. I can completely relate to the troubles with the “selfs” – particularly the lack of self-confidence. I seem to have that problem in spades these days. I wonder what it is about us sensitive, creative types lacking in that department?

  2. I say we flood Greybeard’s blog with comments… sic’ Angry Ballerina on him again, and maybe he’ll say something. I’ve written him twice and posted comments. Not a single peep. Granted, he’s in the southern states (i.e. hurricane target area), so he may be away from the computer. But still… for the love of Pete, he could at least say SOMETHING…

    I hear ya on the lack of self-esteem… been there, am still there.

  3. I still hewe awkay! I blog mo, I pomise!!!

  4. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

  5. Yeah, TR (and BTM), the ‘selfs’ are a plague problem for us depressives.

    I also just threatened Greybeard with AB again, not sure if even that will work.

    Hey Vulfie, I’dinna mean youse! I believe in reincarnated blog spirits, as long as i know where they’re haunting 😉

    Don’t go all soft on me now AB, I’d have no idea how to handle that 😛

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