Posted by: Arkay | September 6, 2008

Wandring lohst

Just kinda going through the motions of ‘living’ right now. Got so much I ‘should’ be doing, I think I’m just shutting down except for the minimum to keep going (in avoidance of getting my shit together). My frustration level keeps peaking (I even yelled at my bunnies the other day), but I so don’t want to go back on any meds. I know I need a focus and outside input to help me beyond this state, but my best options that way are unavailable to me right now. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see. At least I still have my books.



  1. You know I’m here for you if there’s anything I can do to help…


  2. I know that feeling all too well… Try not to slip into that hole, my friend. Are you getting enough sleep at night?


  3. Hey didn’t you say you had some Pratchett to read…and I think it’s illegal to get dafunks in English speaking countrys while reading Discworld.

  4. Thanks TR, seems like we both are the kind to find reserves within ourselves to help others even as we need it to work on our own stuff. Not the best way to go about healing ourselves, but still, it’s how we’re wired I guess.

    Hi BTM. Hmm, sleep… at night… what a novel concept. Ya, you tagged the main problem right there, sleep, or more importantly the lack thereof, most especially that quality kind. Maybe time for another post that way.

    Yessir Wulfgar, done be laughin’ out loud at the Pratchett (first sign of madness – laughing when no one else is around?). Unfortunately, waiting for some (library) holds to come in I picked up the Liveship Trader series by Robin Hobb as filler. She writes oblivious, manipulative self interest for her negative characters so well I find myself feeling vile hatred towards them while reading. Not the most conducive to good moods I’m afraid, but the story and all that goes with it is so captivating I can’t put it down.

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