Posted by: Arkay | September 9, 2008

Quite conCERNed…

I have been following the story of the CERN researchers progress into simulating the conditions immediately after the ‘Big Bang’ here on earth. Tomorrow that plan goes into effect as they start the particle accelerator that will in a few weeks time (at most) create a ‘minor’ particle collision on a supposed minuscule scale of magnitude such that any black holes created will collapse in on them selves and not expand to include major parts of, or even the entire earth.


But what if you’re wrong, as has been asked of the scientists championing this program by the general public, as well as other respected scientists, who actually went to (the world) court to stop this project from being engaged in until far more was know about the probable outcomes. The answer from a leading scientist of the project went something like this, “Anyone who thinks the LHC will destroy the world is a (twit)”.


But to go on, leading scientist critics point out that safety reports from CERN are, “about the same as a drunk driver deciding whether he’s safe to drive.”


wait… NOT OK!

I think maybe some sobering second thoughts should take place if a group of leading scientists are willing to stake their reputations on a legal challenge to stop, or at least delay a potentially catastrophic experiment from proceeding without some clear expected measure of outcome.

so, ok?

Uh, no.

Once again it all comes down to $$ as the project has already cost over 9 BILLION (?!?) dollars and shunted aside many much more needed and proven scientific experimental outcomes, now MUST go ahead to justify the exceedingly immense outlay of cash. And at this point there is much disagreement as to whether or not there is even the technology in place to (if the resultant collision doesn’t destroy the accelerator/facility/earth) to even detect what it is that results.

again, so NOT ok.

putting my head under my pillow and waiting for the end…



  1. Well, cant blame the old u ass of a for this one, can you? Well, I’m sure we got our dirty little hands in there someplace. This is a stoopid idea….I guess I’ll start popping ativans tonight and watch CNN to see if switzerland vanishes off the face of the earth over the next two weeks. Time to be radical…if I lived near this location…..Wouldn’t that be great, you get your mail and your Asylum Letters 0 and then flash…poof…..ah hell we all meet the same end anyway right….I’m gonna go throwup now…

  2. Every time I have something important on my calendar the world ends…

  3. So much for my plans to stop worrying about everything so much… 😉

  4. Yeah….they zipped a beam in one direction…now we just wait to they can zip two all smashy like. Look at all that money spent on that thing too, fucking billions on something that there not too sure on what it would do. Hope bout billions on the starving….I know what’d they do, smile, live, and love……ah fuck that, let’s play russian roulette with our big toy…Jeez arkay, you really got me going on this one….

  5. Hope bout…..that should be How bout….but Hope shouldn’t be left out either..

  6. Ok, nix what I just said about moving to Canada. I’m movin to frikken Mars

  7. I’m sorry about that Wulfgar, I wish more people were up in arms about this, as complacency is what gets you things like the Holocaust, world corporate disingeniousness, Bush’s first term in office (and the second), genocides, earth destroying pollution, etc. etc. etc.

    The feeling of helplessness is all we can share on this one, and that ain’t right.

    Hi TR. I just wish it WAS something I could laugh off. But even if it turns out ‘ok’, I don’t care for the fact that it is happening in the first place. Nope, not at all.

    Unfortunately AB that’s where life on this planet probably first came from ,and look at the result it left there…

  8. Maybe it’ll create the thing that’ll save us from ourselves.

    Ah, me, ever the optimist, yah.

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