Posted by: Arkay | September 10, 2008

A current wish

I think at least once more before the earth is swallowed up by the black whole very likely to be generated in Switzerland in the next couple of weeks (see previous post) I’d like “… to sleep, perchance to dream“. Just simply to lay my head down and fall asleep, no racing thoughts, no depression or anxiety symptoms, and wake up 7-10 (consecutive) hours later not having dreamed/nightmared even the tiniest amount, nor woken up even slightly even once, no restless tossing, no fade ins and outs, just have peacefully slept through the night. Mostly just so I remember what it feels like to wake up after such a sleep. Is that too much too ask?



  1. I fucking second that shit.

  2. …you know, I was thinking about what I would want to do, & I can’t wheedle it down to any one thing. Of course, I would want to be with my family & friends, but I would have also have liked to accomplish all my dreams & aspirations. Perhaps just having all the laundry done & put away & the kids healthy & all the bills paid would be enough.
    Thanks for the food for thought…

  3. Shit I thought I was the only one who can’t get her mind to SHUT THE FUCK UP at night. I’ve forgot what a goodnights sleep is…..and now nap time!!!!!!!

  4. Wish it were different for all of us AB, but thanks for the support, regardless.

    Hi Andrea. I have no capability to even contemplate a “real” wish list for what I’d want to accomplish if the end of the world was nigh. I have great respect and admiration for what you wrote though, you chose some of the finest things available in my opinion.

    Hey Wispering Willow! Welcome to my blog. Nice to see a fan of ‘Happy Bunny’ visiting my little corner of the world – for however long it lasts 😉 (and thx for the blogrolling, I’ve returned the favour and will visit in depth soon). I envy you nap time, I can only seem to do that once I’m completely and utterly exhausted.

  5. Aw, Arkay, I so wish right now that I had the power to grant wishes. I hope whatever sleep you get tonight is restful.

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