Posted by: Arkay | September 17, 2008

I charge you

A simple rule that I pretty much always follow without thinking: I am nice to people. I am polite in public and do a lot of things everyday that could be considered random acts of kindness (RAK’s). However, in the last two days I have done a couple of RAK’s consciously and deliberately (i.e. I went out of my way to do them, but still with no thought of ‘reward’ or anything). And it felt even better than when I’ve done them in the past.

So, I charge each of you when you are out in the next day or so to go and do a deliberate RAK (something beyond what you would do normally) and come back here and tell me about it.

My two were (you still only have to do one):

Having scrounged up some change and using a coupon to get a “two can dine” meal from a local fast food outlet, on the way home happened to see a distinctly homeless man scrounging our local bin for what looked like a bite to eat. So I went back after parking and gave him one of the ‘meals’ to his great appreciation.

And today, while taking a back way out, saw a lady (who’s kids play in the yard next door) looking to climb into a big industrial dumpster for soem reason. I backed up and inquired if she could use some help (she was so small, she’d never have gotten out on her own) and discovered that her boyfriend/landlord had tossed all her kids stuff in the bin in prelude to kicking her out. I helped her retrieve as much of it as we could (some of it she had just bought!).

I know both cases or garbage related, but since my life is so down in the dumps anyways, I thought it was apropos (after the fact, anyways). And In each case, I could have just kept on driving and minded my own business, but I didn’t. So now it’s your turn.



  1. You got it. I love a challenge like this. 🙂

  2. I accept too! Let the ripples ripple….

  3. The day after I read this post, I had an chance to make such a positive encounter, but I hesitated, and did not make it….I’ve been looking for another oppurtunity ever since, and have seen little, which goes to show, don’t wast said oppurtunity…Still looking though.

  4. I dood it! I dood it! Driving with my kids today, I saw a very sickly looking old man pulled over on the side of the road, and a passerby(?) was helping him, so I said “well I hope he’s ok.” I then thought, what if there is something I could do? What if I was the angel caught not helping? So I turned around with kids in tow, pulled over, talked to the gentleman helping the old guy who said that the guy was stuck in the middle of the road when he went to help. I called 911 and stuck around to all forces showed up, then went on my way. A beautiful picture of helping hands indeed. The ill gentleman was probably 80 and very frail and incoherent, the first samaritan was a middle aged black gentlemen, and I was a hairy looking white guy with three kids in tow. On this day we all met, no barriers, just kindness and compassion reaching out, and we are all the better for it.
    Thank you Arkay!

  5. […] Original link Tags: anger, angst, compassion, hope, insight, Random acts of kindness, step back and breathe […]

  6. I forgot to post my follow up- the day that you posted this, we went to visit my DH’s cousin at his wife’s cabin not too far from here. The yard was a total mess- leaves everywhere, weeds, everything looked unkempt. We went to drop off our power washer because the cousin wanted to power-wash the deck. I took the rake out of our truckbed, and I stated to my DH, “C’mon, let’s help him out.” So about two hours later, we had the patio, backyard, and front steps cleaned. We also had some unwanted shrubbery torn up. It felt really good to help.

    Thanks for the challenge, Arkay. 🙂

  7. Thanks and HUGS to both of you. Both stories made my day. Wonder if we could make this a trend for October or November (as opposed to those annoying memes), we could send this challenge around to our blog buddies?

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