Posted by: Arkay | September 18, 2008

Far From Hale

Under the category of be careful what you wish for: All the recent not sleeping or restless wake up every hour or dream violently while under has finally caught up with me. The exhaustion and non detoxified existence I have been experiencing has found an outlet. It seems I have picked myself up a bit of a sinus infection. One of those little head in a vice, brain crushing ones that doesn’t allow your body anywhere near the horizontal or you will surely suffocate or drown. (even my eyes hurt to move them).

However, as a result I did have two four hour medicated ‘dreamless’ sleep sessions where I don’t remember waking up during them. Unfortunately, the first was from 6am-10am this morning and the second was from 2pm to 6pm this afternoon. And the four hours in between consisted of all the worst things a pounding stuffed head and artesian runny nose can bring to the table. I have no idea what’s in store for tonight.

(and before anyone lobs this one at me: yes I am pounding the vitamin C)



  1. Not only pounding the Vit. C, are you drinking enough liquids?

    Yes, Mom is here to bug you. šŸ˜‰

  2. Chicken soup. Chicken Noodle Soup. Tastes like chicken broth???
    Hug a stuffy & let’s hope you can get some more uninterrupted sleep. Sleep=getting better.

  3. I agree with ANDREA, shes a smart cookie. Lotsa liquids. Grab a bowl, put some steaming hot water in it, grab a towel, and stick your head over the bowl.

  4. Wait, don’t do that.

  5. hokay, nowz Ize on pinz an needlz az tuh whut I SHUD do Angry…

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