Posted by: Arkay | September 24, 2008

Possible Solution

Once (if) I get over being sick and can start breathing again without choking, I’ve come up with a plan to make something of myself (as every journey must begin with a few small steps, right?). So, here it is:

Get rid of my rabbits

Sleep for 48hrs

Wake up refreshed

Re-hydrate myself

Have sex (at least once more)

Pick winning numbers

Get on with the rest of my life

Unfortunately as only one of those is even remotely possible (hint: it’s the middle one) I think I’ll just go crawl into a hole somewhere until a better (somewhat more feasible) solution comes along.



  1. Why are you getting rid of your rabbits?!

  2. 🙂 so I take the middle one being a tie with having sex & getting rehydrated…so which one may I help you with..? 😛

  3. no worry AB, as I said at the bottom, that is NOT even remotely possible. (I had to put that on there though, as I need to feed/snack my bunnies 3x day, there’s no way I could keep them AND sleep for 48hrs)

    Hey Andrea (tease!). You know the middle one was re-hydration 😛 , not fun to play with me on the other… unless?

  4. Honestly I was wondering how you were taking better care of the bunnies instead of taking care of yourself.

    Sex? What’s that?

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