Posted by: Arkay | September 25, 2008

Misplaced Blame Exposed (followed by rant)

So utterly frustrated with the Bush administration and all the corporate/financial vile thievery being perpetrated on the American public (and if at all possible, sloughing a ton of it of to the rest of the world as well). I was up late last night listening to CoastToCoastAM and hear several experts weigh in on the CURRENT crisis and the proposed bailout. Here’s some simple math that came out of the discussion:

Amount to pay off every sub-prime mortgage that is currently in default (i.e. already foreclosed on, pending, or 90+ days in arrears: $100 Billion (*Note: that is to PAY THEM OFF COMPLETELY, not just bring them out of default)

Amount proposed in the current bailout, which leaves that $100 Billion STILL OWING(!)and all the little guys still without their homes: $700 Billion ?!? and that amount doesn’t include the hundreds of billions of dollars ALREADY ‘paid out’ (or taken on by the Federal Government = the taxpayer = in part, the people who no longer have their homes) to Fannie Mae Freddie Mac AIG and the like.

What the fuck is wrong with you all??? Democracy my ass. For the people? – same comment. Best country in the whole world? – don’t get me started – count up the number of poor, uneducated, diseased, starving etc. in your own country, then look at how many in Iraq are STILL in the same or worse condition (dead anyone?) than before the invasion, and then look to Afghanistan (whom you’ve abandoned) and their 2nd largest heroin crop EVER this year thanks to the Taliban, oh and the nearly ONE TRILLION DOLLARS (IF you only count ‘direct’ expenditures) to accomplish it, and then look to your abject fear of North Korea who IS a legitimate nuclear threat and to your cozying up to China who IS the biggest armer and sponsor of terrorist and tyrant nations around the world…excuse me, I have to go vomit again… fucking tards.

(and to those of you who didn’t vote them in, why didn’t you mobilize the vote so that didn’t happen AGAIN???? let alone EVER!!! for my venom on this, go check out your voter turnout percentages – especially of those who are being most hurt right now) Pah.



  1. I want to know where the hell MY bailout is. Sheesh…

    We should NOT be bailing out these financial giants, then giving the CEO golden parachute final paychecks. They f’ing FAILED- when we fail- we don’t get squat. Why should THEY get special treatment?

  2. Bailout for you huh? Lesse… hmmm, $700 billion? That’s about $2000 for each and every person in the United States, right? So, I bet another $2000 this year would come in pretty handy, right? Wait! You’re actually a family of four! That’s $8000!!!

    Even if they did it over 4 years, AND split it, giving 1/2 just before Christmas and the other 1/2 just before the summer holidays, you’d get an extra $1000 twice a year FOR THE NEXT FOUR YEARS for your family. Now THAT would be an appropiate bailout I think, don’t you?

  3. I’m all for anarchy and dismatling the current regime, but I am also tired of the boobs I see driving around my hood in huge fucking Hummers, and blinged out cars, yet their house is to shit, and their kids are running around wild and unsupervised spoiled like. Probably what Canada feels like living next to the US….

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